Ensuring End to End Delivery – On Time, On Point

We understand that quality often gets lost in transportation. While we manufacturer your product to ensure the highest quality, the shipping company rarely shows any regard for your expectations or our reputation. That is why AEI has taken over the process of getting the product to you. Over the years, we have ended our reliance on third parties that are rarely reliable.

Handing the packaging and transportation in-house is how we have been able to satisfy our clients at a higher level. You can now rest assured that your order will be handled and transported by the experts we have selected and trained for the job.

Depending on the type of extrusions and the journey they will have to make, we also ensure packaging to protect your aluminum order. Your extrusions will reach you without any degradation in quality or any deformations.

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Our Aluminum Extrusion Shipping Capabilities

Aluminum Extrusions ShippingWe have three full sized trucks, capable of short local deliveries or nationwide within the continental US. Each truck can handle up to 44,000 pounds net weight per load. However, we also cater to smaller deliveries of less than 2,000 pounds. We can always meet customer-specific delivery schedules.

The AEI facility in Senatobia, MS contains eight shipping docks. These let materials and deliveries get to and from the facility as smooth as possible. One of the major benefit of having extrusion, fabrication, painting, and shipping handled under the same roof is the time and money it saves for our clients. It is one of the biggest reasons behind our ability to offer a competitive price and shorter turnaround on your orders.

We keep our fleet well-maintained in order to eliminate any chances of late delivery due to mechanical or technical failure. These vehicles can handle long rides into rough terrain ensure that the products get to the clients in perfect condition even if the weather conditions aren’t favorable.


Packaging Our Shipping and Packing managers make sure that all orders are packed with the best material possible, preventing them from being damaged in the delivery process. These managers carefully monitor the delivery process, ensuring that clients receive orders that are up to their specifications.

All of our departments maintain constant communication and collaboration to make sure there are no issues during the packing and shipping process. You can always contact our team to discuss your project or provide us with your specifications regarding packaging and shipping needs.