Innovation Ensured

AEI proudly offers the most state-of-the-art production facility where we focus on refining the aluminum extrusion process to ensure the finest quality.

State-Of-The-Art Facility

A major factor behind the success of AEI in the aluminum extrusion industry is its facility that stands out in technology and team experience.

Packing & Shipping

You can rest assured that your order will be handled and transported by the experts we have selected and trained for the job.

Stock Dies

In addition to our custom extrusion and fabrication services, we offer one of the widest variety of stock dies in the US.  Call customer service to request a stock die catalog today!

AEI is a proud part of the Larson Manufacturing family.

Aluminum Extrusion Industries (AEI) stands as the trusted aluminum extrusion experts.  We are committed to delivering high quality extrusions that are created to exceed your expectations. Serving a multitude of clients from a variety of industries, we always guarantee excellence in quality, strength, durability, innovation, and fulfillment.


We are well aware of the needs our industry faces.  As an industry leader, AEI focuses on constant training and development of our workforce. Our highly qualified experts are aware of the latest techniques and technology required in the ever-changing standards of our industry.


Experienced and trained, our professionals are able to comprehend your project requirements to the smallest details. Whether you want something complex or straight forward, we can design and extrude shapes that are durable and will last for many years.


We have a rigorous quality assurance process to make sure only the finest pieces make it to you. Our team thoroughly checks our extrusions to ensure they meet our quality control standards and your expectations.


The team at  AEI does not rest until your order is delivered to you. That is why we handle the entire packing and shipping process with the help of our own delivery fleet that is trained in handling your order.

About AEI

Our facility is located in Senatobia, Mississippi, just a few short miles south of Memphis.  We currently employ approximately 225 employees with a management team consisting of knowledgeable and experienced individuals from some of the leading aluminum manufacturers in the industry.  It is with the same commitment to growth, innovation and excellence that AEI is proud to be a member of the aluminum industry.

We welcome you to come by and see our facility and learn more about our team.